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Decorating Ideas to Enlarge Small Rooms
If you live in an apartment or a condominium, or even if you just live in a house that happens to have small rooms, the odds are good that you wish you could increase your living space. The good news is that for human beings, a lot of our perceptions of space come through our eyes, and our eyes can be tricked into believing that a room is larger than its actual dimensions. In this article we will look at ways to make your rooms seem larger through decorating.

Colour is one of the first considerations when it comes to maximizing the perception of a small room. As a general rule, if you want the room to look larger you should use lighter colours; dark colours will only enhance the feelings of a tight area. You can take this concept and apply it to different areas of the room:

Ceilings can be painted a shade or two lighter than the walls. It will look like the ceiling is a little bit higher than it really is.
You can paint the walls different shades depending on their dimensions. The shorter side of the wall should be a shade or two darker than the long side.

Use darker shades at certain points along the wall that will draw the eye. Using them on specific spots will make it seem as though the wall is much longer than it really is.

Match the colour of the walls, doors, trims, and furniture to each other. They will blend in and look like the room can accommodate much more furniture than it really is capable of.

The other key concept when it comes to increasing the perception of space in your small room is how the furniture is used: which types and how it is arranged.

Reject large pieces of furniture. Huge couches will look out of place; love seats are absolutely preferable if you must have furniture that fits for more than one person.

Use a mirror! Putting a floor to ceiling mirror on one wall of your small room will literally make it look as if there is twice the space. Of course, you can't use the space, but that's not the point!

Eliminate clutter. Too many decorations can overload the eye and make a room appear small. Resist the temptation to over decorate!
Arrange furniture so that it widens or lengthens the appearance of a room. That means leaving space on either side of the piece!
With a little bit of decorating knowledge, you can make that small room look a little bit bigger.

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